A Game of Hilarious Stories

Question Decks

All questions start with "True or False..."


And please remember: when you read the questions outside of the game, they don't necessarily sound that funny, but when you hear the stories that the questions prompt, it's a whole different ball game.


Get to Know You (PG)

» I have milked a cow

» On a scale of 1 to 10, I consider my singing to be at least a 7

» I wish there was no such thing as social media

» I have worked at a fast-food restaurant

» I spell the word "grey/gray" with the letter 'e' and not an 'a'

» I have marched or participated in a protest

» I can recite a poem

» I can touch my nose with my tongue

» I have performed in a talent show

» I have ended up in the emergency room

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Family Holiday Dinner (PG)

» I regularly sing in the shower

» I have been called arrogant

» I have farted in an elevator

» I would shave my head (i.e. completely bald) for $1,000

» If an ice cube tumbles off my cup and onto the floor, I sometimes kick it under the fridge instead of picking it up

» I would give up ALL social media for 12 months for $1,000

» I have pranked someone while they were sleeping

» I prefer ice cream over birthday cake

» I prefer ice cream over birthday cake

» I have left an empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom without replacing it

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Family Fun (PG)

» I have owned or used a fake ID

» I have cheated on a test or exam

» I have looked through somebody else's personal journal or diary. (your kids' diaries count)

» I have texted back and forth with the same person for 3 or more hours straight

» I generally give money to homeless people whenever I have a chance

» On a scale of 1 to 10, I consider my driving skills to be at least a 9

» I once had a crush on a friend's sibling

» I had an imaginary friend when I was growing up

» I can raise just one eyebrow

» I would rather hear a person rip a fart than smell someone's bad breath

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Work Group Happy Hour (PG13)

» I have streaked in public

» I have audibly farted in class or in a meeting

» I have been dumped (in relationships) more times than I have dumped others

» I have a tattoo

» I have taken someone else's car for a joyride without their permission

» I have caught my parents in the act

» I have been seriously drunk in the presence of my parents

» I was younger than 16 years old the first time I got drunk

» I have had a professional massage

» I have looked through someone else's medicine cabinet without asking

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