A Game of Hilarious Stories

Some funny conversations from the game

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True or False: I have been to a strip club in the last 5 years

Player 1: "Did you say, 'In the last five years'?"

Player 2: "Would that matter?! You're 17 years old!!"

True or False: I have passed out from drinking

Player 1: "I've never passed out from drinking, but I have fallen asleep from drinking."

Player 2: "What was the situation where you 'fell asleep'?"

Player 1: "Well it was after a wedding and I don't remember falling asleep, but in the morning when I woke up, I was laying in the back yard, still in my tux, and a dog was licking my face."

Player 2: "Um...yeah. I think it's pretty safe to say you passed out."

True or False: I have accidentally seen a person of the opposite sex who was nude or partially nude

Player 1 (a guy): "Does my priest count?"

True or False: I have pulled a prank on someone that I regretted terribly afterwards

Player 1: "I used to work at a company where the tradition was to put moving boxes on a person's desk while they were in getting their performance review. Well one time this guy wasn't getting his review - he was getting fired."